Elliptical Trainer vs. Treadmill

The elliptical trainer and the treadmill are both excellent cardio machines. Both offer great cardio workouts and are used more then any other cardio equipment! The treadmill once the most dominate cardio machine is now facing some competition, and the elliptical trainer is rising in popularity every day! But how do these two cardio machines compare to one another, and which one is right for you?

Elliptical Trainer vs. Treadmill

Which One Burns More Calories?

The treadmill burns the most calories, however the difference between the calories burned on an elliptical trainer and a treadmill is not very significant. In fact the difference in most cases is less then 50 calories in a 30 minute cardio session.

Which One Is Easier?

The elliptical trainer is by far the easiest and lowest impact cardio machine on the market. Unlike the treadmill, your not stomping down on the elliptical, instead you follow a more smooth gliding motion which gives you the ultimate low impact cardio workout. Many people make the switch to an elliptical trainer because of its ingenious design to almost eliminate any major impact on the joints which allows users to stay on longer and prevent injury.

Which Is Safer?

Obviously the elliptical trainer is safer then the treadmill. Like I said before, the elliptical offers a very low impact motion which does not stress your joints. It’s also very easy to stop on an elliptical, unlike the treadmill where you must wait for the belt to come to a complete stop. If you get a cramp or anything of that sort on an elliptical, it’s really not a problem because the machine stops almost immediately.

Which One Offers The Best Workout?

The treadmill is mainly focused on the lower body. However, on an elliptical if the hand bars are used, you will receive a complete full body workout with the push and pull movements.

So Which One Is The Best?

It all comes down to personal preference. Both are excellent cardio machines and offer great benefits. However, personally I prefer the elliptical trainer because of its low impact design allowing me to extend my cardio workouts without hurting or putting too much pressure on my joints. The elliptical and treadmill are both available at almost any gym! They could also be purchased at a wide range of prices depending on your budget and quality standards. You could find many high quality used elliptical trainers and treadmills at great prices on websites such as Ebay. Be sure to do your research before purchasing any fitness equipment.