Weight Loss Exercise Plan: Advanced

This weight loss exercise plan is for more advanced people. I suggest if you are new to the site, review our weight loss exercise programs, both beginning and intermediate. If you are able to complete these two programs with ease, then the advanced exercise plan for weight loss may be your ticket.

Weight Loss Exercise Plan: Advanced

Before you jump right in, bear in mind, that this plan is pretty intense. It will push you to levels close to your maximum her rate. To be sure you are able to handle the intensities of the workout, I suggest you run this one by your physician before you get started.

About The Exercise Program

This plan has both a cardio element and a weight lifting element. As far as the cardio exercises are concenrned, you will have a minimum of 2 days of high intensity intervals. These intervals are fantastic for weight loss.

You will also do 3 days of low intensity cardio, just like we did in the intermediate weight loss plan.

This exercise plan also calls for 3 days of weight lifting.

This gives us a total of 6 days of exercise. Now, you might think this is a lot, and it is. However, the low intensity cardio will help you recover from the high intensity exercises.

Studies have shown that low intensity cardio can be very good for recovery. It helps increase blood flow to the muscles, get rid of lactic, and reduce muscle soreness. That’s why a low intensity day will always follow your high intensity days.

A 6 Day Workout Program for Weight Loss

Adding up each workout into a weekly plan gives you something like this:

  • Monday: Workout A followed by high intensity intervals
  • Tuesday: Low intensity cardio
  • Wednesday: Workout B
  • Thursday: Low Intensity cardio
  • Friday: Workout A followed by high intensity intervals
  • Saturday: Low intensity cardio

The Exercises for Maximum Fat Burn

We follow the same weight lifting exercises that we used in the intermediate plan. This is to simplify things and to make sure that you aren’t trying to learn new exercises on the fly. I feel this will interupt your rhythm and effect how intense you are able to exercise.

While doing the exercises focus on moving with speed, but with percise form. Also, add weight when you feel that you could challenge yourself more…Too light a weight, and you won’t be exercising with enough intensity. Your goal should be to add weight every week to two weeks.

However, don’t add so much weight that you sacrifice proper form – and comprimise your safety.

You will notice we continue to utilize supersets in this advanced program. In this case, do each superset 3 times and rest 30 seconds.  Each exercise should be done for 8 reps.

Workout A

A1: Squat

A2: Dumbell Overhead Press

Rest 60 seconds

B1: Step up

B2: Bent over row

B3: Dumbbell curl and press overhead

Rest 60 seconds

C1: Push up

C2: Forward lunge

D1: Swiss ball leg curls

D2: Swiss ball crunch

Workout B

A1: Romanian deadlift

A2: Lat pull down Rest 60 seconds

B1: Incline Bench Press

B2: Backward Lunge

B3: Back extension

Rest 60 seconds

C1: Side bridge – hold for 20 seconds

C2: Swiss ball reverse crunch

Rest 60 seconds

D1: Supine bridge – hold for 20 seconds

They key to losing weight on this program is to really focus hard on your weight lifting days. You will get the best results, if you commit to exercising at high levels of intensity. These workouts are short, so all you have to do is mentally prepare yourself for 30 mintues of hard work.

Good luck in your weight loss efforts, and let me know what kind of results you’be managed to achieve with our weight loss exercise programs.