Free Weight Loss Exercise Programs

We have put together several free weight loss exercise programs for you to use. These are simple, but very effective programs that most anyone can utilize.

You will find that there is no BS, hype, or ulterior motives behind the programs offered here. We are not selling any secrets, as We don’t think that there are “secrets” to effective fat loss. These programs are plain old fashioned hard work which, when coupled with some good nutrition strategies, will shed the extra weight.

Free Weight Loss Exercise Programs

And, of course, these routines will put you in great shape. With these exercise programs you’ll get a balance of both strength training and cardio conditioning. Like an athlete, you’ll be leaner, stronger, and faster.

During the strength training portion of your workouts, you will work your entire body with weights. But you’ll do it differently than a lot of the people you see at the gym…That’s because the people at the gym who lift weights follow a body builder program…It’s why they take a long time between sets to chat with friends or watch TV… It’s also why they have a spare tire around the middle.

In our weight loss programs you will exercise faster, get a greater level of conditioning, and fat burning while you workout. These programs will also create a boost to your metabolims. That means you’ll burn more calories post-exercise.

There are three exercise programs offered here for free. The programs vary in terms of their time commitment and their intensity. However, the programs are progressive. The idea is that beginners will start and the beginning and progress to the intermediate and advanced weight loss programs.

Free Weight Loss Exercise Programs: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced?

The question is, where should you start with these programs? If you have less than 6 months of experience exercising, that includes lifting weight and some type of cardio exercise, then I would suggest you start with the beginner program.

While it’s called a beginner program, don’t expect it to be easy. It will push you hard three days a week, but also leave you the rest of the week for recovery.This will help you build your capacity for work and build your strength…Then you’ll be able to take on the intermediate weight loss program.

The beginning program is a three day per week program. There is no cardio exercise during this program as I don’t want beginners getting burned out by doing too much…so, there is ample rest in this program.

Weight Loss exercise program for beginners <<<

The intermediate exercise program will be a little more intense than the beginners exercise program. This workout plan will require 5 days of effort. Three of the days you will lift weights, and two days you will do cardio exercises.

Not only will you have more days to workout in this program, but the workouts will be more intense as well. You will do compound exercises back to back and do superset to really work yourself hard. This added intensity will up your fat burning potential significantly.

Intermediate weight loss and exercise program <<<

The more advanced exercise program will increase the number of workout days per week to 6. Three days you will lift weights and three days you will run, bike, swim, or do some other type of cardio exercise.

Again, we will step up the intensity level of this program to give you maximum weight loss results.

Advanced weight loss exercise program <<<

Now, before you decide on any of our weight loss exercise programs, consult your doctor to be sure that you are physically able to engage in these programs. In fact, print them out or give your doctor the link so that they can examine the program for you.

Also, before you start any workout session, make sure you warm up thoroughly and do some light stretches or movement preparation work.