4 Extremely Easy Ab Exercises for Women

There are many misconceptions among ladies when it comes to flat tummy or its exercises. Many think achieving flat tummy is next to impossible or some think it would need investment and costly machines. Some also consider these exercises to be difficult and out of reach. But in the contrary there are some excellent ab exercises for women that are not only simple to do but are very effective in getting the desired belly. Basically the abdomen is full of muscles that can be toned, shaped or modified according to personal wish. These workouts are not only beneficial for getting flat tummy but also to get strong and totally fit body. These basically tone the pelvic area that encloses all the vital organs along with the back that provides strength for performing different activities. Overall these exercise work on different portions of body to make them flat, fit, strong and free from susceptible injuries.

The ab exercises for women described here are quite simple and don’t require any special instruments or training. These are also suitable for ladies that are preparing for pregnancy as well as child birth. The beginners should follow them slowly with lower repetitions.

Ideal Breathing

Evaluate your breathing before stating with these ab exercises for women as breathing makes a lot of difference in their effect. If you breathe with your neck and shoulders going up as you inhale then it is the improper way to breath. Ideally the inhalation should come with expansion of diaphragm (situated below the chest) and your belly muscles. At the time of exhalation you should exhale to the core removing the last traces of breath out without moving shoulders. This is a type of exercise where you exert pressure on belly muscles at the time of inhale and exhale.

Advanced Tummy Breath

What we have seen above is termed as tummy breath where your tummy is breathing and not your respiratory tract. Now in advanced level you need to lie down on your back and bend the knees upwards. Now place your hands behind the thighs keeping the legs up. While doing this keep the elbows outwards and hold wrist with other wrist behind the thighs. Maintaining the position take the tummy breath mentioned above. Imagine that when you exhale the last breath your tummy is making contact with the spine. Then remove the hands, lie down the legs and take rest. Repeat for 10 to 15 times.


Get into the position mentioned above with hands back of the thighs and knees up to the abdomen. Now in this level perform crunches by lifting your upper body towards your knees. While doing this do not loosen the grip of hands and keep moving forwards. The position will be so that you face will be touching the bent knees to form a semi circular curl.

Side Lifting

Here you are lying on the sides with one hand beneath your head. Now try to lift you body up in this position using the ab muscles. This ab exercise for women is great to build the slanted muscles.

Increase the intensity of these ab exercises for women as you get fit and flexible.

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